We Are Barlow & Barlow

About Us

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.


Siblings Lucy and Max Barlow both come from respective design industry powerhouses. Lucy cut her teeth as an interior designer under the guidance of the timeless creative Mark Gillette, while Max’s career flourished as a designer for John Cullen Lighting, leading company in the field.

Now working together, the duo bring their dynamic abilities to a wide range of projects both residential and commercial. While offering a fresh and exciting approach to the industry, Barlow & Barlow is committed to understanding clients’ vision first and foremost, before finding the most beautiful ways to meet their requirements. The aim is always to encourage clients’ personal creativity and deliver a final scheme that exceeds their expectations.

The Pineapple

Introduced to the west by Christopher Columbus, who discovered the pineapple when he landed in Guadeloupe in 1493, this exotic fruit, given as a gift, conveyed the intention to promote friendliness and graciousness. It soon came to symbolise the utmost in welcome and hospitality and was why, along with its beautiful and unique shape, was often used in architecture and furniture design. It thereby encapsulates our mantra of beauty and intention.

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